Jets Fans Are Coping With The Realization Of Having To Watch Zach Wilson For Another Season

zach wilson celebrating a win

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The likely season-ending injury to Aaron Rodgers has numerous implications, from the 39-year-old’s belief in the power of manifestation to betting lines to the league’s schedule, as the New York Jets still have five primetime games remaining on their docket.

One of the main results, though, is the fact that the Jets’ fanbase is now facing the prospect of yet another season with the clearly overmatched Zach Wilson as the team’s starting quarterback.

Given the hype that surrounded Rodgers and Gang Green heading into the season, the realization that they never even got to see Rodgers complete and that another season of Wilson as the starting signal-caller looms is hitting like a ton of bricks.

Wilson was selected out of BYU as the #2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, one selection behind Trevor Lawrence.

Since making his NFL debut, Wilson has started in 22 games and has compiled an 8-14 record, with many of those wins being logged in spite of him. In those 22 starts and 23 appearances, Wilson has completed just 55% of his passes for 4,162 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 19 interceptions.

The Jets won’t be the only fanbase forced to suffer through Zach Wilson’s play, though, as Gang Green has another five games that are currently scheduled in primetime slots.

Despite the injury to Rodgers, the Jets were still able to overcome the odds and take down the Bills in overtime by a score of 22-16, largely thanks to four turnovers (three interceptions and a fumble) from Josh Allen.

Wilson, in what will likely be his final chance to salvage his career in New York, will make his first official start of the season next Sunday when the Jets travel to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys.