Jim Boeheim Getting Blasted After Defending Son Buddy Boeheim’s Sucker Punch Of FSU Player

Jim Boeheim Called Out By Fans After Defending Buddy Boeheim's Punch

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  • Jim Boeheim is going to bat for his son after he was caught giving a cheap shot to an FSU player.
  • Buddy Boeheim punched a Florida State player during Syracuse’s win over the ‘Noles in the ACC Tournament.
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Buddy Boeheim landed a cheap shot on a Florida State player during Syracuse’s win over the Seminoles in the ACC Tournament. The blatant punch was caught on camera, but Jim Boeheim is trying to argue that there was nothing to it.

Buddy, Jim’s son, caught Florida State’s Wyatt Wilkes with a closed fist right in the gut during the first half of Wednesday’s matchup. The announcers certainly noticed the shot Buddy landed, with Jay Bilas saying it “looked intentional,” but there was no foul called nor was the play reviewed.


Syracuse blew out Florida State 96-57 with Buddy scoring 14 points along the way.

After the contest that wasn’t really a contest, Jim went to bat for his son.

“I saw the play, the kid pushed him twice,” Boeheim told the press after the game. “I think it was inadvertent, it wasn’t much of a punch.”

The elder Boeheim was also asked if he was concerned about the possibility of his son being suspended, to which he replied by asking “for what?”

Buddy released a statement shortly after the game saying “it was wrong to act out in frustration” and that he apologized to Wilkes multiple times after the final whistle.

Nothing about Buddy’s cheap shot was “inadvertent.” College basketball fans were quick to call out Jim’s comments after the game.