Did Jim Boeheim Piss His Pants During Syracuse’s Loss To Pitt? It Sure Looks That Way

Syracuse fell to Pittsburgh in the second round of the ACC Tournament this afternoon in crushing fashion, losing by a score of 72-71 after a double-digit comeback came up short.

Even worse, it sure as hell looks like coach Jim Boeheim ditched the idea of making a quick dash to the bathroom and instead, uh, perhaps let it flow a little.

Yup, there’s definitely something goin’ on there.

Well, if this is how Syracuse’s dreams of March Madness glory come crashing down, I see no better way than to say screw it and piss your pants. After all, it was a tense, close game. There’s no way Jimmy was missing a second of it.

And sometimes, in the interest of maintaining your focus, you need to let it drivel a little, so as to stave off the frantic need to urinate.

It goes without saying that we’re all hoping this is actually just Poland Spring or Gatorade and immediately put this story to bed.