Jim Harbaugh Finds Temporary Job As Michigan Fans Needlessly Rally Around Him During Suspension

Jim Harbaugh serves as the chain gang at a youth football game
Getty Image / iStockphoto

Jim Harbaugh is not on the field at the Big House during Michigan’s game against UNLV on Saturday. He is not in the box. He is not even at the stadium!

Harbaugh is suspended. But that is not keeping him away from the sidelines all together.

The 59-year-old head coach spent his morning working the chains at a his son’s youth football game.

Of course, Harbaugh was wearing his game day outfit as if he was coaching the Wolverines— (navy) khakis and all!

Saturday marked the second game of a three-game suspension for Harbaugh. It was self-imposed by the university to get ahead of impending NCAA sanctions.

Michigan, its head coach and the governing body of collegiate athletics could not reach an agreement prior to the season. Harbaugh is in trouble for lying about the time when he purchased a couple of cheeseburgers for recruits.

Rather than waiting to hear what the NCAA might rule for 2024, the Wolverines thought that it would be better to self-impose a suspension to begin this season. He will miss ECU, UNLV, Bowling Green and Rutgers. Woop de doo!

Despite the fact that Michigan suspended Harbaugh, its players and fanbase are rallying around their head coach as if he is no longer with us. They paid tribute to Harbaugh last week.

Many of those in the stands are wearing #FreeHarbaugh shirts during Week 2. Players wore similar shirts on the field during warmups.

Should Harbaugh be suspended for buying a two of his future players food? Probably not.

Did he break the rules and lie about breaking the rules? Absolutely.

The Wolverines are really this whole thing out of proportion, but that’s what makes college football fun. It’s our right as fans.

Meanwhile, Harbaugh is helping to ensure that everybody knows the line to reach at a youth game near his home. He’ll be fine!