Jim Harbaugh’s Daughter Hilariously Records Her Dad In ‘Vacation Mode’ And It Couldn’t Be More Relatable

Jim Harbaugh Gives Big 'Dad Energy' In Hilarious Inside Look At Vacation

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  • Jim Harbaugh may be a Division-I football coach, but he is a father first.
  • As his family takes a vacation this week, his daughter provided a hilarious inside look.
  • Her father’s ‘vacation mode’ dad energy is about as relatable as it gets.

With 65 days until the start of the 2022 Michigan Wolverines football season, Jim Harbaugh is taking some time to relax. The recruiting dead period is currently in place, so he can’t contact high school prospects and summer practice does not begin for a few more weeks.

Now is the time for college football coaches to take some time off. It’s a rare opportunity for rest and relaxation and the Harbaugh family is taking advantage by heading to Italy.

Jim Harbaugh’s daughter Grace recently provided an inside look at their family vacation.

Her dad is in full dad mode and she documented their travel, taking advantage of a recent trend on TikTok set to the Home Depot theme song.

To kick things off, Harbaugh made sure his yard was in order before leaving the country and mowed the lawn. From there, he and his family loaded up the car and he drove them out to the airport, looking as fatherly as ever.

Upon arrival, he got their bags checked and had noticeable pre-trip excitement.


some light yard work to kick off the trip

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

Once the travel got underway, it was time for an 11-hour layover. Dressed in full Michigan gear from head to toe, Harbaugh was filmed standing on the tarmac, talking to travel agents, going through his family’s passports and even taking a nap on the airport floor. He was exuding major dad energy from his process to his posture and the way he was standing.


“do we need a leader right now or what” “im gonna lay down right here” “who wants me to hold their passport”

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

Prior to boarding, Harbaugh had to get his body and mind right. With a wrist brace on his left arm, he feasted on some KFC, made small talk with other folks at the gate and then put the luggage on his back and led his family to the gate.

Eventually, Harbaugh and family arrived at their destination. At that point, Jim was finally able to let loose and enjoy himself. But the Michigan gear and major dad energy did not come down. Grace documented him reading on a lounge chair, sitting at the head of the table, eating her sibling’s food, and putting his son on his shoulders in the pool.


Michigan gear must stay on at all times

♬ Sky Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

The entire saga could not have been any better. Harbaugh, though the head football coach at Michigan takes a large chunk of his time, still finds space in his life to be the ultimate dad. Shoutout to Grace for the inside look!