Jim Nantz Shares His ‘Most Pre-Planned’ Tournament-Winning Call, And It’s An All Timer

Jim Nantz Shares His 'Most Pre-Planned' Tournament-Winning Call

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  • Jim Nantz’s “most pre-planned” call of his career is one of the greatest in golf history.
  • The longtime broadcaster details the thought process behind one specific pre-planned call from the Masters.
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It’s extremely rare to complain about Jim Nantz when he’s in the booth calling a golf tournament. That’s saying a lot, too, given how whiney and negative golf fans – myself included – and golf Twitter can be each and every week.

When it comes to Nantz, especially when it comes to Nantz calling the Masters, the man is batting close to .1000 when it comes to his tournament-winning calls over the years.

Nantz recently joined ‘The Press Box‘ podcast and gave some insight into his process of coming up with his calls. His memorable calls don’t just come off the cuff, in fact, his most pre-planned call could very well be his best since he began calling the Masters in 1989.

And yes, of course, it involves Tiger Woods.

“The one that was pre-planned the most of all time in my career, not even close, there’s nothing else I could even compare it to, was Tiger in 1997: a win for the ages,” Nantz explained.

“He had a nine-shot lead on Saturday night. My instincts tell me that this is going to be one of the most historically relevant days in the history of the game. A significance that far transcends a sporting event. That clip, that last stroke, wherever it comes from; a tap-in, a 15-footer, whatever it is, that clip will be played back at every Masters tournament, every Masters opening, every tease in the next 25, 250, 100, 200 years from now.”

“Two-hundred years from now someone is going to open up with the Masters opening tees, which I absolutely treasure that responsibility, but inside that little montage, there’s going to be ‘a win for the ages,’ and I knew that.”

Nantz’s prediction of ‘a win for the ages’ being said and played over Masters highlights for years to come was, of course, spot on.

Jim Nantz’s ‘A Win For The Ages’ Call