Jim Nantz Offers Incredible Play-By-Play For Random Golfer At Pebble Beach

jim nantz play by play pebble beach

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Teeing it up at Pebble Beach is a treat in and of itself. Playing a twilight round at the historic venue and having Jim Nantz stumble up on your group to do some random play-by-play though takes things to the next level.

Nantz has a home within walking distance of Pebble Beach Golf Links so it’s safe to assume he’s often spotted out on the course walking. The other day while out on a stroll, he decided to put his commentator hat on and offer a once in a lifetime experience for one group of golfers on the Par 5 14th.

“Look at that move. Raw strength,” Nantz said after the tee shot. And he absolutely savages one around the corner. He leads Woods and Koepka by one.”

Yep, that’s the good stuff.

Nantz’s call here came a week after calling the 2020 Masters. I like to imagine whenever Nantz steps on a golf course – even just watching random golfers – he analyzes the situation in his commentator’s voice always working on his craft. It’s honestly probably difficult not to talk like he’s calling a tournament whenever he’s not playing golf himself.

One thing you may not have noticed in the video is that the golfer actually teed up just a hair in front of the marker. It’s cool and all that he was lucky enough to have Nantz call a shot of his, but it’s a real shame that he’ll have to show the video to everyone and hear ‘dude, you’re in front of the markers.’

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