Joe Burrow Says Odell Beckham Jr. Did Give Him Some Real Money After Winning The National Championship

Joe Burrow Says Odell Beckham Gave Him Money After National Title Win

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Following LSU’s dominant win over Clemson in the CFP National Championship Game, former Tiger Odell Beckham Jr. was seen inside the winning team’s locker room handing out dollar bills to numerous players including Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.

Once the media picked up on that story, LSU officials were quick to state that the money Beckham was doling out was “fake.”

“It was a joke,” LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson told reporters on Tuesday. “The bills were fake bills.”

Why OBJ would have a huge wad of novelty money on him at the national title game has yet to be explained. It also hasn’t been explained why he was allowed to send each player on the LSU team a free set of brand new Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones.

Oh right. That was cleared by the NCAA. (But this is no good.)

On Wednesday, despite LSU officials claiming the money Beckham handed out was fake, Joe Burrow says OBJ did, in fact, give him real money after winning the national championship.

During his appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast which aired Wednesday morning, Burrow was asked about Beckham handing him cash. His response probably sent the LSU athletic department into a panic.

“Umm, yeah. I’m not a student-athlete anymore, so I can say yeah,” replied Burrow, who added that he didn’t know exactly how much money Beckham ended up giving players.

LSU has already stated that they will be conducting an investigation as to whether the money OBJ handed out was real or not. (I though it was already determined to be fake, LSU?)

Sounds like the university already has a good starting point for their investigation.

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