Joe Rogan Makes His Thoughts Clear On Who He Believes Is The UFC GOAT

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Perhaps nobody has been in attendance for more big time UFC fight than Joe Rogan.

The comedian turned UFC commentator and podcast star has been with the company since it’s inception.

He’s seen all the greats. From Randy Couture, to BJ Penn, to Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. You name them, and Rogan has watched them fight.

So when you get into a discussion about who the greatest UFC fighter of all-time is, Rogan’s opinion carries a good bit of weight.

That’s exactly what happened on the latest episode of Rogan’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. And Rogan says that it’s not even a debate.

“Jon Jones is the GOAT. Now, it’s undeniable. There was all this debate until he submitted Ciryl Gane and became the heavyweight champion. No one can f*** with that.

“The Francis [Ngannou] fight exposed one aspect of his (Gane’s) game that you’re never gonna beat Jon in, and that’s the wrestling. Then everybody said, ‘Well, he didn’t know that Francis was gonna wrestle him.’ Given, Francis is not the caliber of wrestler or even in the realm of Jon Jones. Jon Jones has been wrestling since he was 12 years old. He took down Daniel Cormier who is an Olympic-level wrestler. There is not a guy in the world that can say that you can start wrestling at 29 years old. You’d have to be the freakiest of freak athletes to compete with that guy.” – Joe Rogan on the UFC GOAT

It’s hard to argue with his answer. Jones dominated the UFC light heavyweight division for the better part of a decade. He then moved up to heavyweight and submitted Ciryl Gane inside of a round at UFC 285 to win the heavyweight title.

Jones’ resume is, without a doubt, the most complete of any fighter of all-time. And the wins, and performances, speak for themselves.