Joel Embiid Makes a Pass at Kim Kardashian via Twitter, Is the Last Living Human to Learn of Her Marriage

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid, fresh off an adorable and unsuccessful recruitment of LeBron James, set his sights on another high-profile target this afternoon.

Oh. My. God. He must be the only living person unaware of Kimye. Either that, or he truly doesn’t give a damn.

That is so refreshing. Mind-blowing, but refreshing nonetheless.

Just wait until he finds out he’ll get the honor of bumping uglies with her ex-husband when the Washington Wizards roll into town. Or that she stands to make $200 million on a stupid freaking video game.

Bless this man and his innocence. It’s the very reason a relationship with Kardashian wouldn’t work out, Kanye or not.