Joel Embiid Makes a Pass at Kim Kardashian via Twitter, Is the Last Living Human to Learn of Her Marriage

by 4 years ago


Philadelphia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid, fresh off an adorable and unsuccessful recruitment of LeBron James, set his sights on another high-profile target this afternoon.

Oh. My. God. He must be the only living person unaware of Kimye. Either that, or he truly doesn’t give a damn.

That is so refreshing. Mind-blowing, but refreshing nonetheless.

Just wait until he finds out he’ll get the honor of bumping uglies with her ex-husband when the Washington Wizards roll into town. Or that she stands to make $200 million on a stupid freaking video game.

Bless this man and his innocence. It’s the very reason a relationship with Kardashian wouldn’t work out, Kanye or not.

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