Joey Porter’s NFL Draft Message To His Son Goes Viral

Joey Porter Sr. poses for a photo with his son, Joey Porter Jr. and family members.

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Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter Sr. is going viral due to a recent NFL Draft message to his son. Videos of his advice have led to an awesome reaction from football fans.

Porter is the father of Penn State cornerback Joey Porter Jr. The latter was projected to be a first-round pick in last weekend’s draft.

Many, in fact, had him going as high as No. 17 to his dad’s old team. Most believed he’d be off the board by the end of the opening night.

Unfortunately, he saw a slip as he watched others walk across the stage to greet commissioner Roger Goodell and hold up that No. 1 jersey.

After failing to hear his name called, Jr received words of encouragement from his father, as well as motivation for his upcoming professional career.

“Nothing like motivation, right?” Porter Sr asks. “They want to see a p—ed off football player, now they’ve got one.”

The former Pro Bowl defender continued, “You know where you were supposed to have gone. We don’t have control over that. That’s why I was trying to prepare you for anything because I already know anything can happen.”

Having been through this process himself, he went on to say, “I know how these drafts go. What I’m telling you is, now you’ve been motivated to another level because we’ve got something to prove. Take it personal, as you should… But know you didn’t let anybody down here.”

The strong words caught the attention of the NFL world with many rushing to social media to post their reactions.

One person wrote, “I’d run through a F-ing brick wall after that speech. Junior is gonna be a PROBLEM.” Another said, “Joey Porter Sr is a hell of a dad.”

This fan commented, “Joey Porter Sr greatest ever. Joey Porter Jr right in those footsteps.”

A few former Pittsburgh teammates chimed in with their responses, too.

Joey Porter Jr wouldn’t have to wait too much longer to hear his name called. The defensive back was the first player selected in the second round, fittingly enough, by the Steelers.

He’ll suit up for the Black and Gold in 2023, and you can bet he’ll have his father’s support as he begins his NFL career.