Golfer John Daly Will Be Making Pizza At Your Local Course

“Grip It and Eat It” will be the slogan for the Daly franchises and the dick jokes just write themselves so let’s just talk about the business. Daly, and his partner, are both jacked about the investment and potential of the pizza franchises.

“He loves this, man. It's all fun,” says Howell, who's overseeing the launch of the new pizza program, which started on Wednesday at the PGA Merchandise Show. “I shot him an email after yesterday and told him how packed we were yesterday. He was excited.”

The business model is to market itself to golf courses. Daly’s Pizza will providing the ingredients and materials to produce pizzas and each box comes with a John Daly ball marker.

I can’t wait to try a John Daly Pizza when I reach the turn on my local course. I just hope there are a couple of Port-O-Johns on the back nine because I’ve got a feeling I’ll be “gripping and ripping” on a bowl before the day is done.

[The Big Lead via Golf Digest]

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