John Gotti III’s Post-Fight Antics Against Floyd Mayweather Lead To Long Term Punishment

Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III


Several days have passed since that bizarre moment when John Gotti III got into it with Floyd Mayweather at the end of the fight.

It turned into an all-out brawl, as both corners jumped into the ring and started throwing punches of their own.

Now, John Gotti III is being given a punishment for his post-fight antics against Floyd Mayweather.

According to MMA Fighting, “The Florida State Athletic Commission has suspended John Gotti III for six months as punishment for his post-fight outburst in an exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.”

Six months is a decent amount of time. However, the post-fight eruption came out of nowhere, so it makes sense why he’s being given that kind of suspension.

Even so, it’s clear as day that John Gotti III’s antics deserve some sort of punishment, and six months seems like a fair amount of time.

He and Mayweather both exchanged words throughout the bout. Then, at the halfway point, the referee decided enough was enough. He called off the match due to the profanities he was hearing in the ring.

John Gotti III ignored the referee and continued trying to fight Floyd Mayweather. Then it became an all-out brawl when the cornermen jumped in.

In case anyone missed it, here is a ringside view of the aftermath of the Gotti-Mayweather fight.

Meanwhile, MMA Fighting also reports that, “Mayweather was not sanctioned as a result of the incident.” Which makes sense, as he was defending himself in the ring.

Since the incident, Gotti deemed Mayweather “an enemy for life.” Additionally, his family members threatened Mayweather on social media.

This feud may be long from over. It’s currently unknown what John Gotti III plans to do once he serves his six month suspension. But there’s a solid chance he still wants all the smoke with Floyd Mayweather.

Keep an eye out for more possible updates on this wild altercation.