Johnny Manziel Does Good! Visits Sick Teen Girl In Hospital And Totally Makes Her Day

Johnny Manziel definitely scored a few points in the good column on Wednesday when he took some time away from his rehab and training to visit a teenage girl named Kiki Christ at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Kiki, who is in the hospital with an undisclosed illness, conducted an interview with Dawg Pound Daily, where she talked about meeting Johnny Football and what it meant to her.

Here’s some of what she had to say…

Did you know Johnny Manziel was coming to your hospital?
“I had no idea he was coming, my nurse came in and said you have a special visitor and asked if I minded if he came in, when he walked in my heart stopped! He definitely got my mind off me being in the hospital!”

What was it like there when people heard he was around?
“Well I was drooling, haha but it was fun, calmed me down and it was good to get my mind off everything that has been going on!”

How long did you get to talk to him and what was he like?
“25 minutes, he was a very kind and caring guy! We held a steady conversation, I asked to come back on Thursday if I get my surgery.”

Are there anyways that our loyal readers can help support you?
“I love getting cards, the support on Twitter is great and just pray for answers so I can get back to a normal 17 year old’s life. Put in the story that I want to go to Prom with him, maybe he will come with me.”

And she wasn’t kidding about wanting Johnny Manziel to go to prom with her. Her Twitter timeline is filled with people trying to help out in that quest.

Read the entire story over at Dawg Pound Daily and help get this girl her dream prom date!