Johns Hopkins And Ohio State Lax Teams Erupt Into All-Out Brawl With Dozens Of Dudes Throwing Punches

by 11 months ago

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Thursday, during the final minutes of a closely contested game between Johns Hopkins and THE Ohio State University in the Big Ten men’s lacrosse semifinal an all-out Royal Rumble broke out after a Johns Hopkins player appeared hurt on the sidelines.

I’m not usually sitting around searching ‘Lax Fights’ on YouTube in my spare time. I’d never claim to be an expert in collegiate lacrosse fights. But, I will say that as far as all-out brawls go between two college teams this one is pretty entertaining:

If that Twitter video embed isn’t working for you then you can access the tweet directly here, or you can head over to Deadspin where they’ve got the video as well.

At the time of the fight, 2nd seeded Johns Hopkins was trailing 5-4 to Ohio State with only 9 minutes left on the clock in the 4th. After literally every player on each team started throwing punches and all hell broke loose a fire seems to have been ignited deep within the loins of the Johns Hopkins Lax bros because they were able to rally and push past OSU. Johns Hopkins scored twice in the waning minutes including the go-ahead goal in the final minute to take the 6-5 win.

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