Meet The Man Creating A Cultural Revolution Within The Surfing Community

The surfboard industry has seen more changes, thanks to technological advances, than any other. In the early days of surfing, the sport consisted of surfers riding waves on massive planks of wood. There is a cultural renaissance right now in surfing being driven by Jon Wegener to bring the sport back to its roots.

In Southern California, surfing is a part of every day life. Like most people who are cornerstones within the surfing community, So-Cal native Jon Wegener was bitten by the surfing bug at a very young age.

In 1987, Jon Wegener decided to devote his life to shaping surfboards, but it was during a 2005 trip to Hawaii that Jon Wegener discovered the “Alaia.” A round-nosed, square-tailed, all-wood surfboard the Alaia’s roots reportedly trace back thousands of years.

The Alaia isn’t just any surfboard, it’s THE SURFBOARD that the Hawaiian Kings of yesteryear once rode. After being introduced to the Alaia, Jon Wegener became enamored with the board, its history, the way it rides, and everything the Alaia stands for.

This episode of Human presented by Coors Banquet takes a fascinating look at Jon Wegener’s life, his approach to shaping boards, and the significance of the Alaia.