Colts RB Jonathan Taylor Swagged Out His Offensive Line After Leading The NFL In Rushing

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  • Jonathan Taylor had a remarkable year in only his second season in the NFL and led the league in rushing.
  • To say thank you to the big fellas who cleared him a path, Taylor thanked them with an expensive gift.
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When it comes to success in football, there is none without a strong offensive line. In terms of quantifiable statistics, the Big Uglies may not jump off of the page, but they are often more important than skill position players in terms of wins and losses.

If an offensive line is unable to provide protection for a quarterback, the quarterback is unable to pass the ball efficiently. If an offensive line isn’t able to get a push off of the ball, the running back is unable to get loose in the open field.

Big Uglies lead the way and Jonathan Taylor knows that very well.

Taylor, a second round draft pick in 2020, played his college football behind a big offensive line at Wisconsin and became the first player in history to rush for more than 6,000 yards in any three-year span. In his second year with the Colts, he led the NFL in rushing.

A big part of his impressive, 1,811-yard, 18-touchdown season, was his big offensive line paving the path. Taylor knows that and took great care of them after the season.

During the most recent episode of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks: In Season,’ Taylor gifted his trench warriors with their own Louis Vuitton bags.

The bags, based on a quick google search, cost no less than $1,500 each, if not closer to $2,200. Taylor got 10 guys their own bag, which comes out to somewhere in the $20,000 range. He’s not letting them go under-appreciated.

Taylor’s love for Louis Vuitton has been documented in the past. He wore a custom mouthpiece in college.

Now he’s taking the opportunity to spread the love to his big fellas up front.