This Is What A Really, Really, Really Bad Soccer Knee Injury Looks Like

Oh, man. I shuddered at the thought of watching this after my colleague Nick Dimengo said he didn’t have the stomach for it annnddddd I instantly regretted it. Knees aren’t supposed to bend like this. My own knees now hurt from watching it.

Full-disclosure, this is not one for the weak of heart. Ouch city.

The poor fellow you just saw totally ravage pretty much every ligament in his knee is Aston Villa’s defender Jordan Amavi. Absolutely horrendous, and clearly never something you want to see happen in any sport but I simply can’t resist…

From the video’s description:

The full-back appeared to violently jolt his right leg while representing France’s Under-21 side against Northern Ireland on Thursday night.

Amavi was in clear distress when he collapsed on the ground on the edge of the pitch in the 72nd minute.

The cries of the player gave a clear indication of how serious the injury was and he was subsequently carried from the field of play.

It is a big blow to Villa’s new manager Remi Garde, who was hoping to force a reaction out of their French contingent in the coming weeks.

All I can really say is I hope this guy gets well soon. That’s all you can really say to someone that just saw their knee bend totally sideways in a horrific injury like this, right?

Get well soon, Jordan Amavi.