Jorge Masvidal Tells Joe Rogan He Plans To ‘Legally Murder’ Colby Covington

Colby Covington facing off against Colby Covington

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Jorge Masvidal still has a score to settle with Colby Covington.

Last year, Masvidal was arrested for allegedly punching Covington in the mouth outside of a Miami restaurant.


Colby ate dinner on Monday night with the Nelk Boys inside of the restaurant — and we’re told Masvidal did NOT eat at the restaurant.

Sources say as Colby was leaving the restaurant after dinner … Masvidal allegedly attacked him outside.

In our video, you can hear Colby appearing to describe the alleged attack, saying, “He’s over here swinging, trying to come at me, and I ran …”

Colby can later be heard on the footage asking social media star Bob Menery, “How would [Masvidal] know I’m here?”

Masvidal, who lost to Covington UFC 272, is plotting his revenge and told Joe Rogan that he plans to “legally murder” his rival if the two were to fight again.

via Joe Rogan Podcast transcribed by MMA Mania

“As soon as Colby made money, what did he do? Didn’t pay my coach, Since then, I was like, ‘Bro, I want to f—king take a bat to his f—king neck.’ And my coach is like, ‘Don’t do it, bro. You’ll fight him, and that’s how you’ll get him for both of us.

“I didn’t get him that time [we fought], but I promise you before my career’s over I’m gonna f—king murder Colby in the cage. Legally,”

“Allegedly a lot of things happened [illegally], bro. I don’t know they’re saying a lot of things, but it’s all allegedly, cous. S—t, man. I don’t know what they’re talking about, man. But legally, in the cage, in the UFC, I’m gonna f—king snatch his soul one way or another.”

Before he gets a rematch against Covington, Masvidal will face Gilbert Burns at UFC Miami on April 8th.

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