Josh Allen Made An Impossible Throw To Win On Thanksgiving

Josh Allen Made An Impossible Throw To Win On Thanksgiving

Getty Image / Amy Lemus

There are few if any, quarterbacks in the NFL that have the arm strength Josh Allen has. The Bills’ quarterback can do some wild things with his right arm and running ability. He’s one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL and he can make throws no one else can make.

And, on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions, the Bills were in a surprising dogfight. The Lions tied the game with a late field goal and it looked to be headed to overtime. But, Josh Allen had other ideas.

Josh Allen used his rocket right arm to put the Bills in field goal range

With just seconds remaining in the game following a tying Lions’ field goal, Josh Allen found star Stefon Diggs in the seam.

How did he fit that in here?

This angle is even more impressive. To throw a ball that far that only gets that high on the ground is some superhero stuff.

It’s possible that if any other quarterback in the league tries this same throw, it’s an interception. Not for Josh.

It set up this kick to win the game for Tyler Bass, who knocked it through.

Quite the win, given Detroit scored with only 23 seconds remaining in the game.

Buffalo is now 8-3 and they travel to New England for a crucial Thursday night game next week.