NFL Teams Think Josh Rosen Is Too Outspoken And Are Afraid He Will ‘Tweet About The President’ During A Losing Streak

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UCLA QB Josh Rosen is one of the best quarterbacks in the draft but teams are scared to draft him because they are apparently afraid that he’s too outspoken and could become A distraction in the locker room the same way Colin Kaepernick has become a distraction for the league.

Bleacher Report spoke with several coaches and NFL executives about why they feel drafting Rosen is risky and their answers are pretty insane.

Via Bleacher Report

They didn’t wear a “F–k Trump” hat to one of the then-presidential candidate’s golf courses. They didn’t pose for a picture in a hot tub they’d installed in their dorm room. They didn’t blast UCLA and the NCAA after the Bruins signed a marketing deal with Under Armour.

So teams have to ask themselves, Does he care more about those types of things than he does football?

Said one executive, “That’s all funny when you’re not getting 50 people fired if you miss on a quarterback. The last thing we need is the face of our team tweeting about the president when we’re on a losing streak.”

It’s unfortunate and dumb that we’ve gotten to the point where a an excellent QB like Rosen is likely going to fall in the draft because he’s intelligent and has opinions. In the end Rosen is going to get drafted but if shows any signs of being a bust he’ll get dumped to the wayside like Kaepernick because of his political views.

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