Josh Taylor Reacts To Teofimo Lopez Threatening To Take His Life In The Ring ‘Let’s See Who Ends Up in An Ambulance’

Josh Taylor in the ring

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Josh Taylor has responded to Teofimo Lopez's bizarre comments ahead of their upcoming fight on June 10th airing on ESPN.

Earlier this week, Lopez went viral when he told Punsh Drunk Boxing that he wanted to take Taylor’s life in the ring.

“When I fought [Vasiliy Lomachenko in 2020], I took his heart, especially in that 12th round … boom, I won the fight,” Lopez said. “With Taylor, he don’t got no heart. So what can I really take from this man? His life. His life. The only way I’mma make a statement is by doing that. I’m not sorry about that.”

“I know people are going to twist my words again on this one,” Lopez continued. “But you know something? I don’t give a flying f—. I don’t care because this is the sport that we are in. and it sucks to see so many pass away, especially some young ones.”

We spoke to Taylor and he fired back at Lopez over his bizarre comments.

“He can come try and take my life, let’s see who is the one who ends up in the back of an ambulance, that may be a horrible comment back but let him come and try, let’s see what happens, good on him’

Lopez and Taylor will face off against each other on June 10th in Madison Square Garden and the fight will air live at 10pm on ESPN/ ESPN+

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