J.R. Smith Satisfies His Sweet Tooth, Gets A Mid-Game Snack That’s Next Level Sh*t

If you’re an NBA fan like I am—or you just like crazy ass athletes—you know that Cleveland Cavs shooting guard J.R. Smith is one crazy dude. That’s not to say he’s not hilarious, though.

Known as a headcase during his days in the league, Smith took things to a whole new level during the Cavs’ preseason game against the Grizzlies tonight, taking himself into the stands to satisfy his sweet tooth by buying himself some cotton candy, then proceeding to eat the stuff on the bench.

“”I’ve known of players eating some weird shit during a sporting event, but, cotton candy? Really?

There may, truly, never be another NBA player as weird as Smith again, so let’s enjoy the bizarre stuff he does—because almost no one else would even think about doing this.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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