Fans Are Convinced Juan Soto Delayed Padres Game For A Bathroom Break

Padres star Juan Soto

Getty Image / Patrick Smith

The San Francisco Giants earned a walk-off win over the San Diego Padres yet again, but fans can’t stop buzzing about Juan Soto.

In the bottom of the ninth, San Diego was taking the field, but there was no sign of Soto anywhere.

After a while, fans began booing, as the game suddenly found itself in a delay. Soon enough, Juan Soto came trotting to the outfield, allowing for the game to continue.

We never got an explanation for why it took the Padres’ star to get into position. But, MLB fans are fully convinced he was taking a bathroom break.

Watch the clip for yourself and you be the judge.

Look at his smile. That’s the type of smile a person makes when they know they held everyone up for going No. 2.

We’ve all been there before. Everybody is trying to rush out the door but you’re busy taking the Browns to the Super Bowl. When you gotta go, ya gotta go.

But MLB fans had some of the best reactions after seeing Juan Soto delay the Padres-Giants game.

I don’t know. Soto’s smile kind of says different.

Good thing this guy’s not a major leaguer.

This joke absolutely got me.

At least Juan Soto and Lamar Jackson weren’t wheel chaired out like Paul Pierce.

This name is fitting with the team colors.

We’re all human. It happens from time to time. It’s just, for most people, we don’t have thousands of people sitting and waiting for us.

Maybe next time the Padres will alert Juan Soto sooner, or something.

Either way, this was just a hilarious moment for baseball fans alike.