Juju Smith-Schuster Discusses Viral Valentine’s Day Tweet

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Juju Smith-Schuster

Getty Image / Sarah Stier

Juju Smith-Schuster sparked a small Twitter war yesterday while simultaneously celebrating Valentine’s Day and his first Super Bowl.

It all began with Juju sharing a Valentine’s Day card with a picture of James Bradberry that said “I’ll hold you when it matters most”.

The card is a reference to the holding call against Bradberry late in the Super Bowl that gave the Kansas City Chiefs a first down, allowing them to almost completely run the clock down before kicking the game-winning field goal.

Bradberry’s teammate, AJ Brown, wasn’t too happy about the tweet and fired back at Juju.

Juju responded to that tweet, seemingly trying to move on from the issue he had started.

Today, Juju tried to explain his side of the viral tweet during an interview at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade.

I mean it’s Valentines Day. At the end of the day, man, he’s a great player. I respect him but, yeah, we just got to move on, baby.

Talking trash about a call that was the subject of so much controversy probably wasn’t the best move. Still, it looks like Juju Smith-Schuster and the Eagles players he bother with this tweet will be moving on from this quickly.