Did Julius Randle Say “I Want to Smoke” After Getting Drafted?

Emotions were running high at last night’s NBA Draft and it made for excellent unscripted television. We already showed you Zach LaVine’s knee-jerk reaction to being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves. But he wasn’t the only prospect to get busted by a well-placed microphone.

After being selected by the Los Angeles Lakers, former Kentucky star Julius Randle seemed to suggest he was in the mood to smoke something. There is some debate about what, exactly, Randle said. We’ve listened to this several times and am 93 percent sure he says “I want to smoke.”

Not that it would be a big deal or anything if he did. Only the laziest of sports bloggers would waste words on this.

Perhaps he was referring to the competition. Perhaps he was referring to a victory cigar. Perhaps it was something else. We may never know.

[H/T: Next Impulse Sports]