Junior League Hockey Player Arrested During Game After Attacking Referee (Video)

A 21-year-old, Canadian Junior League hockey player named Olivier Marcotte is in big trouble tonight after going apeshit on a referee during a game in Sherbrooke, Quebec that led to him tustling with the linesman, getting tackled to the ice and, ultimately getting handcuffed by local cops.


According to CBC.ca, Marcotte allegedly spat in the official’s face, leading to an altercation that is unlike any other I’ve ever seen between a player and referee.

While there was no formal complaint against the player, per the CBC report, that doesn’t mean that one might not come, with the league adding that it “does not condone spitting at a referee.”

Well, no shit, guys.

This is the second time in about a month that there has been a major altercation between a player and ref on the junior circuit in Canadian hockey, so let’s hope it finds a way to end, ’cause it’s a bad look, man.

[H/T CBS Sports, CBC.ca]

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