Justin Bieber Tries To Help Raptors Guard Kyle Lowry Get Voted Into NBA All-Star Game, Fails Miserably

With the balloting that sends NBA players to the 2015 All-Star Game in New York City ending tonight, basketball fans everywhere have been making one last push to get their favorite players voted in. One such fan was none other than Justin Bieber, noted Canadian and fan of the Toronto Raptors, who was trying to use his massive social media presence to get guard Kyle Lowry into the game. Lowry is currently third amongst Eastern Conference guards in votes (two get in), and Bieber tweeting Lowry’s name out, along with the #NBABallot hashtag, to his nearly 60 million followers would likely get the job done — all retweets count toward the official vote total.

Unfortunately, when showing his support for Lowry, Bieber forgot to include the official hashtag, so roughly 32,000 people who also shared the tweet may be disappointed to find out that their votes indeed don’t count.

You’ve got to follow directions, man. We’ll see if this fail ends up costing Lowry a shot at the All-Star game. If he falls a few thousand votes short, we all know who to blame.