It Appears As If The Chicago Bears Have Already Ruined Justin Fields

It Appears As If The Chicago Bears Have Already Ruined Justin Fields

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

Justin Fields was supposed to be the quarterback that got the Chicago Bears back on track. The seemingly quarterback-cursed franchise selected Fields with the 11th pick in the 2021 draft in a pick that at the time was seen as a steal. After all, many had Fields as the 2nd-best quarterback in the draft behind Trevor Lawrence, and some even had him number one.

But, it has not gone smoothly. He has looked like one of the worst passers in the league in his career so far, and in sixteen career starts he now has 11 touchdowns and 15 picks after a terrible performance against the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football

He was 14/27 for 190 yards and a QBR of just 28.3 out of 100 Thursday night, and had a touchdown and an interception in Chicago’s 12-7 loss.

Could the Chicago quarterback curse be continuing?

Many think Fields is already ruined

Opinions vary on whether he was going to be good, to begin with, or if people just overlooked his flaws and saw his impressive tools. But, pretty much everyone agrees he’s not playing well right now.

This take really isn’t that far off. He’s definitely in the bottom five.

Here are a collection of a few brutal tweets about the second-year player.

Some think it isn’t his fault, though.

But, after the failure of 2017 2nd-overall pick Mitch Trubisky and now the poor play of Fields, some have to wonder if it is indeed just the Bears, and not the quarterbacks themselves, that is the issue.