Justin Herbert Addresses Hold-In Concerns Amid Contract Talks With Chargers

Justin Herbert

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

We’ve seen some big deals for quarterbacks this offseason and there are still a couple more that could happen relatively soon.

One superstar to keep an eye on is Justin Herbert, as he has been in contract talks with the Los Angeles Chargers.

However, nothing has come to fruition yet and some are concerned he may opt to hold-in until a deal is done. The Chargers quarterback addressed those concerns on Wednesday.

According to Kevin Patra, Herbert makes it sound like he’ll be available for training camp with or without a deal. However, he technically didn’t say “no” when asked if he was planning to hold-in.

“When it comes time for camp, the role of the quarterback is to be out there for his team and do everything that he can to put that team in a position to win. I understand that responsibility. It’s something that you’ll address when the time comes, but I guess we’ll see.”

The “we’ll see” part can be left up for interpretation. But for the most part, it seems like Justin Herbert is seriously considering being there for the Chargers despite not having a contract extension finalized.

It’s important to note, that players used to do hold-outs when their contract needs weren’t met. But the league has since made some changes, making a hold-out extremely costly for the players.

So, in response, some players will partake in a hold-in. A simple explanation of a hold-in is when “a player attends meetings but doesn’t join teammates on the field for practice sessions, citing an injury issue,” per Kevin Patra.

In the words of Justin Herbert, we’ll have to see what he does once training camp begins if he doesn’t have an extension by then.

Hopefully, the two sides can reach an agreement. One more silver lining for Chargers fans though is “Herbert noted that the contract situation hasn’t been at the forefront of his offseason focus.”

With that said, he’s much more focused on working wit the team than he is about getting paid. That’s a good sign for the Chargers.