Justin Thomas Goes Off After A Rules Official Makes Him Hit Unusual Shot During His Third Round At The US Open

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  • Justin Thomas hit his drive on the fourth hole right down the fairway during the third round of the US Open on Saturday.
  • Thomas’ ball settled near a drain in the fairway, obstructing his second shot.
  • After a rules official denied Thomas relief from the drain, the PGA champ had some choice words regarding the ruling.

The US Open isn’t going exactly how Justin Thomas planned.

After winning the PGA Championship just last month, Thomas began the weekend one over par and six shots back of the lead in at The Country Club in Brookline (MA).

Things didn’t get any easier for Thomas to start his third round, either.

Thomas started his day quietly enough, recording pars on the first three holes he played. On the fourth hole, he hit a perfect drive down the fairway and appeared in good position for his first birdie of the day. Instead, his drive settled next to drain in the middle of the fairway that caused an awkward swing for his second shot.

Justin Thomas Disagrees With Rules Official

The golf superstar approached a rules official to alert them of his situation and seek relief from the man-made structure. Instead, the rules official determined the drain didn’t affect Thomas’ swing and that he must play the ball as it lie.

The resulting swing was a disaster, as Thomas flared his second shot wide right of the green and went on to make bogey. He had some choice words about the ruling as well.

Thomas was made to hit the ball as it lie in part because he told the official he probably would not hit the drain. He likely would have received a drop have he said the ball was in his swing path.

That appears to be the crux of his complaint, and many golf fans agreed.

Thomas made another bogey two holes later at the sixth. He currently sits at three over, eight shots back of leaders Joel Dahmen and Colin Morikawa.