Golf Fans Believe Patrick Reed’s Wife Just Exposed Her Burner Account

Justine Reed walks the golf course.

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Golf fans believe they’ve stumbled upon an interesting bit of tea following this weekend’s RBC Heritage. Many think they’ve uncovered the burner account of Patrick Reed’s wife, Justine.

While these claims have not been confirmed, the Twitter account is oddly pro-Reed. Followers previously had their suspicions, and recent activity has further fueled the accusations.

We’ll break it down.

Late Sunday, Tron Carter of No Laying Up sent out a picture of Patrick Reed at an Australian Football League game between Collingwood and St. Kilda.

The accompanying caption read, “Patrick taking in the Collingwood/St. Kilda AFL game on Sunday, repping the Aces of course. Have to wonder if @useGolfFACTS didn’t attend due to the quality of the seats provided!”

The caption is a direct reference to Justine Reed’s 2018 outburst about her seats at a Boston Red Sox game. She ripped the PGA, who provided the tickets, for putting them in the “line-drive section” (the premium seats were located down the baseline).

The tagged Twitter account is the burner in question.

Early Monday morning, the useGolfFACTS account responded to the jab, which many took as confirmation that it is, indeed, run by Justine Reed.

The response (or admission?) has now gone viral on social media.

Golf fans have been quick to post their reactions online as they believe Justine has finally outed herself as the account admin.

One fan hilariously wrote, “Lady J finally outing herself is the content I needed today.” Another said, “Justine Reed outing herself by tweeting a picture of DJ with Peter Malinauskas just hits all of my niche content buttons.”

Was this all just a part of the plan?

No need to dig further…

The replies were absolutely perfect.

While fans think they’ve uncovered the truth, without a confirmation, a small air of mystery still surrounds the account.