Kansas City Chiefs Teammate Reveals Patrick Mahomes’ Surprising Game Day Superstition

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

Patrick Mahomes has been wildly successful in the first 6 years of his NFL career.

He has already racked up a pair of NFL MVPs and 2 Super Bowl rings as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s an unbelievable amount of success for somebody who is so early in their career.

Now we may know the real secret to that success.

Today, one of Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs teammates revealed that he has a game day superstition that will probably surprise football fans.

According to Chiefs backup quarterback Chad Henne, Mahomes has worn the same pair of red underwear for every NFL game he has played in so far in his career.

Same pair of underwear, which probably not a lot of people know, on game day. He’s been wearing it since I’ve been a part of it.

Let’s just hope that somebody besides the equipment guy from those State Farm commercials Patrick Mahomes is in is responsible for keeping that underwear clean. As long as the lucky underwear is getting washed regularly, there’s no issue here.

Whatever superstitions he needs to follow on game day are clearly working for Mahomes.

NFL defenses have found no answer for him over his 5 years as the Chiefs’ starting QB. Last offseason he even lost his best wide receiver and still managed to put together an MVP season this year.

The playoff run that followed may actually be even more impressive as Mahomes played through an injured ankle for the last 2 and a half games of the year and still managed to put together strong performances, including leading his team on game-winning drives in both the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl.

Maybe the rest of the NFL’s quarterbacks need to find themselves some lucky underwear.