Kanye West Claims Michael Jordan’s Dad Was ‘Sacrificed’ In Wild Conspiracy Rant

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Kanye West is back making wild conspiracy claims.

West, who has currently been dropped by several brands over anti-semitic comments, fired back in an interview with The Shade Room by saying he can’t be controlled like other celebrities.

“They can’t control me. They can control Shaq, they can control Charles Barkley, they can control LeBron James, they can control Jay-Z and Beyonce,” West said. “But they can’t control me. Ain’t no name I won’t name. It’s up.”

Kanye went on to claim that several people in Hollywood like his mom and Michael Jordan’s father have been “sacrificed” in attempt to “control and traumatize.”

My momma [Donda West] was sacrificed,” “Michael Jordan, what about him? His dad, right? Bill Cosby, his son, right? Dr. Dre, his son. Out here in Hollywood, a lot of people come up missing. Feels like it might be a lot of that in order to control, traumatize.

“They wanna monetize and traumatize. And God love me. They hit me. GAP, Adidas, all that away. Still, Forbes, who hate me, had to write, ‘Net worth: $400 million.'”

Media personality Vlad TV, who interviewed one of the men who killed Michael Jordan’s father, reacted to Kanye’s wild rant.

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