Bro In A Tiny Fishing Kayak Off NSW Australia Manages To Reel In This Crazy Ass Black Marlin

While me, you, and everyone else were messing around on the Internet this bro was out kayak fishing off of New South Wales, Australia, and he managed to hook, fight, and catch a trophy Black Marlin. He’s fighting the gigantic Black Marlin from his fishing kayak when out of nowhere the fish jumps right next to his vessel, causing me to nearly crap my own pants.

Without question this is one of the more fun fishing videos I’ve seen this Winter, which makes sense considering it’s Summer down in Australia so they’re catching some badass fish right now. It’s hard to watch this video and not be envious (he did release the fish to live and fight another day):

Sure Black Marlin have the capacity to grow up to and over 1,000-pounds, but this dude’s in a rinky dink kayak, not a big ass boat with a fighting chair. Whenever that massive billfish changes direction his kayak just whips around following it. If that fish charged him the only thing he could do would be reel as fast as humanly possible before the fish passed him and hauled ass the other direction, spinning him around the ocean like a little ragamuffin.

I haven’t done very much saltwater kayak fishing over the past few years but I think this video just awoke something within. I’m now officially on the hunt for a badass fishing kayak, and if/when I find one that’s worthy of sharing with you bros I’ll be sure to share it in the Gear section over on BroBible where I’m putting out daily product reviews.

[h/t Glassed Out Kayak Fishing via Imgur]