Keegan Bradley Reveals The Negative Effect Of LIV Golf That Nobody Really Talks About

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Even if it no longer exists in 10 years, there’s no doubting that the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series has forever changed the world of professional golf.

Not only has it taken a number of the game’s biggest names away from the PGA Tour, but it’s also changed the way the PGA Tour operates entirely.

Sadly, it’s golf fans that draw the short end of the stick. They can no longer see all the top golfers in the world competing side-by-side outside of a few tournaments a year. And it’s difficult enough to watch most LIV events that most fans just aren’t doing so.

But there are effects on the current PGA Tour players, too. And one of those effects may be something that nobody is really talking about.

Former PGA Champion Keegan Bradley is changing that.

Keegan Bradley Admits To Being Lonely After His Friends Left For LIV

In an interview with Dylan Dethier of, Bradley revealed how the creation and growth of LIV has affected his day-to-day life.

“Well, it is because a bunch of my friends have gone to LIV recently,” he said. “Brendan Steele is one of my closest friends in the entire world. He was in my wedding, we play every Tuesday together, every dinner on the road, our families are friends — and then overnight he’s gone.”

“The other guy that I used to play golf with and hang with is Cameron Tringale, and he’s gone,” Bradley said. “They’re on the same team! So it’s certainly been strange in that aspect. Because all of a sudden, overnight, I look around and I’m one of the older guys out here. And the younger guys have their own crew and what they do — it’s been strange, especially with Steeley gone. Like, really been strange this last month or so.”

Anybody who has ever golfed will tell you it’s as much about quality time with your bros as it is playing golf. So it’s sort of sad to hear that Keegan won’t have that opportunity any more.