An Old Clip Of Kendrick Perkins Saying The Celtics ‘Needed To Break Up’ Is Now Recirculating Through Social Media

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  • Kedrick Perkins’s comments about the Celtics are coming back to bite him
  • An old clip of him saying the team should break up is recirculating on social media
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Kendrick Perkins didn’t wake up a happy man on this Memorial Day holiday.

The former NBAer turned TV personality is seeing one of his cold takes recirculate on social media following the Celtics’ win over Miami. With the win, Boston punched its ticket to the NBA Finals where they’ll face off against Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

But if it were up to Perk, none of this would’ve been possible.

Earlier in the year, the big man commented on the team, saying that it should break up and start fresh. Take a listen.

“Here’s the last thing I’m going to say. It’s time to break Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown up. It’s time to break ’em up. Because if you go back and look at their games, either Jayson Tatum is having a good game and Jaylen Brown is struggling, or Jaylen Brown is having a great game, Jayson Tatum is struggling. Their body language says that they don’t like playing with each other… Everybody in the Celtics organization is too comfortable.”

Fans roast Kendrick Perkins for his comments on the Celtics

Fans were quick to bring the comments back up once Boston found its way to the NBA Finals. It seems that Brown and Tatum are enjoying playing together now.

Good thing that the Boston front office was patient with the team. The Celtics will have an opportunity to bring home a title in the coming weeks.