Kendrick Perkins’ Bold Statement About Klay Thompson Has NBA Fans At Odds

NBA star Klay Thompson

Getty Image / Harry How

It’s that time of year when everyone and their mom becomes a hypothetical general manager for teams across the league.

Kendrick Perkins certainly played out that role with his latest take regarding the Golden State Warriors.

Since Draymond Green chose to decline his player option, fans have speculated where he could play next season.

However, Perkins thinks the Warriors must make it a priority to re-sign the veteran power forward. Meanwhile, Kendrick Perkins believes the team should shop Klay Thompson during the NBA offseason.

The former center explained his thought process in full detail during an appearance on Get Up.

Perkins is usually all over the place with his takes, but I can understand where he’s coming from. The Warriors can probably sign Green to a cheaper deal now, which would be essential for the front office.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson will be on the final year of his current contract by next season, which means plenty of NBA teams could be interested in making a deal for the veteran shooting guard.

Additionally, the Warriors could acquire a decent haul trading Thompson away, giving them an opportunity to build a more well-balanced roster around Steph Curry.

Even so, NBA fans were butting heads over Kendrick Perkins’ opinion on Klay Thompson and the Warriors.

In the end, everything is about the money.

Some fans just don’t want to hear it.

Meanwhile, some people believe the Warriors should move on from both, Green and Thompson.

We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Draymond Green is set to be a free agent and will surely have plenty of teams calling his number.

Meanwhile, there isn’t much buzz about Golden State dealing Klay Thompson away, but considering we’re in the heat of the NBA offseason, you never know.