A Bunch Of Female Kentucky Fans Are Licking Devon Booker’s Car For Whatever Reason

It’s good to be a college basketball star at a big time basketball program like Kentucky. but sometimes the fandom in these type of schools can gets pretty weird.

That’s what future NBA first round pick and former Kentucky basketball star Devon Booker is finding out after a bunch of female Kentucky fans started licking the door of his car.

All this started happening after Booker told Kentucky Sports Radio that a girl had licked his car out in the parking lot at an autograph signing.

It seems that all the women on Kentucky’s campus were listening in on the interview and decided to follow suit and proceed to lick Booker’s car.

Girls are also writing him love notes and sticking it under his windshield wipers.

Don’t be surprised if you see Ashley Judd out there licking cars if this becomes a tradition in Kentucky.

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