Kevin Durant Doesn’t Want To Be Asked About The Offseason Drama He Created With The Brooklyn Nets


Getty Image / Dustin Satloff

For a large chunk of the NBA offseason, there was no story in the league bigger than the rift between Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

At the start of July, Durant requested a trade after spending 3 years with the Nets.That trade request led to interest from teams around the league, including some of the favorites to contend for an NBA title next season.

Unfortunately for Durant, the Nets wanted an outlandish return for him and priced the rest of the league out of a deal. Once it became clear that a trade wasn’t in the cards, the team’s owner met with Durant and KD reportedly said that he either wanted to be traded or he wanted a new coach and GM. All 3 are still with the Nets.

Today, Durant was asked about the offseason drama created by his trade request and it was definitely something that he wasn’t interested in talking about.

Kevin Durant doesn’t want to talk about the drama he created with the Brooklyn Nets this offseason

There was no way Durant was going to be able to avoid questions about the most highly-publicized trade request of the year, especially with the reports about his conversation with the team’s owner.

Still, it looks like Durant has no plans on giving actual answers about what went down with the Brooklyn Nets this summer.