None Of Kevin Love’s Teammates Tried To Help Him Up After He Got Knocked Down To The Ground During Cavs-Spurs Game

Kevin Love doesn’t seem to be well liked by his teammates right about now. Yesterday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that several Cavs players confronted Love and accused him of faking an illness to get out of a game against the Thunder over the weekend.


The Cleveland Cavaliers held a fiery team meeting in the practice facility locker room prior to Monday’s practice, during which several players challenged the legitimacy of Kevin Love’s illness that led him to leave Saturday’s loss to Oklahoma City early and miss Sunday’s practice, league sources told ESPN.

Several players were pushing for the Cavaliers’ management and coaching staff to hold Love accountable for leaving the arena before the end of Saturday’s game, and then missing Sunday’s practice, league sources told ESPN.

The meeting was loud and intense, only calming down once Love spoke to those gathered in the room and explained himself, league sources said.

The meeting included Cavaliers coach Ty Lue and general manager Koby Altman, league sources said.

During today’s Cavs-Spurs game several people on the Internet noticed how none of Love’s teammates helped him up when he was knocked to the ground.

The Cavs seem to be imploding right before our eyes. We’ll see if the team trades Love amid all the animosity his teammates currently have for him.

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