Kimbo Slice’s Son Baby Slice Gets Tapped Out In His Pro MMA Debut

Kimbo Slice’s son has a lot to live up to his father’s storied fighting career and his first professional fight did not go as planned. Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson stepped into the cage against Aaron Hamilton on Saturday night at Bellator 165. This was a long time coming for Ferguson because his first two fights were called off at the last second.

Baby Slice came into the bout with a lot of hype, having won his only amateur fight by a violent knockout in under two minutes. However, Hamilton would prove that technique would prevail on this day.

Ferguson was attempting to setup an anaconda choke but when Hamilton scrambled to his back to avoid the pressure, Baby Slice found himself on the bottom caught in a choke from a front headlock position.

Ferguson was quickly forced to tap three minutes into the first round and lost to Hamilton, who came into the fight with a 0-1 record.

Baby Slice has far to go before getting to the status of his legendary street-fighting pops.