Kiss Cam At Oklahoma Thunder Game Takes An Unexpected Twist When Two Girls Start Making Out

Fans watching the Kiss Cam at the Oklahoma Thunder game on Monday night were treated to a special surprise when two girls starting making out.

Identified as local bartender Chelbie Craig and her girlfriend Rachel McCoy the ladies faked out everyone when the camera panned to them.

At first appearing to be about to kiss the man sitting next to her one of the ladies suddenly changed course and locked lips with her girlfriend.

“It was a mix of shocked and cheering,” Craig told The Gayly. “The crowd was loud and the cheering seemed surprisingly positive.”

This couple’s reaction is awesome…

“I think love is love and all forms of it should be expressed openly. We express our love for each other the same as any straight couple,” Craig says. “We’ve never hidden it and are proud that it was shown to a large audience no matter how it was – Kiss Cam, or any other way. Love needs to be shown in all of its forms. “It’s hard not to show something that makes you so happy.”

I agree 100% percent, which is why we are now showing it here.

You can check out the entire video here, you know, if you want.

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