Klay Thompson Reveals Which NBA Star He Regrets Taunting This Past Season

Warriors star Klay Thompson

Getty Image / Jane Tyska

Over the course of this past NBA season, there were plenty of regrettable moments for the Golden State Warriors.

There was the Draymond Green punch that seemingly derailed the season for the Warriors before it even started.

There were any number of awful performances on the road as the Warriors struggled to the NBA’s 4th worst road record.

Yesterday, Klay Thompson revealed that it was one of those awful road performances that led to his biggest regret of the season.

Back in October, the Warriors took a trip to Phoenix and got crushed by the Suns.

During the game, Klay Thompson was ejected and proceeded to hold up 4 fingers at Devin Booker, representing the 4 rings he has won with the Warriors.

During an appearance on “Podcast P with Paul George”, Thompson revealed he regretted using the rings to taunt Devin Booker.

“I was in my feelings,” he admitted. “Book was busting my ass that day. I was not where I needed to be. Stuff doesn’t age well and that didn’t age well for me. I don’t need to be flexing four rings, bro. Everybody know that. That’s on Wikipedia.

My game wasn’t where it was at, and we all get insecure at times. I’m man enough to admit that,” Thompson concluded. “We all have our moments of weakness. So, I’m not really proud of that one.”

Before the ejection, things were already not going well for Thompson. He was held to just 2 points in 19 minutes on 1 for 8 from the field.

The Suns ended up dominating the series against the Warriors during last season, winning 3 of the 4 games.

The two teams will meet quite a bit again during the 2023-24 season and at least we know that Thompson won’t be reminding anybody about his rings during those games.