Pro Surfer Koa Rothman Shreds Waves From Hurricane Douglas On A Rocky Hawaiian Shore Break

It looked like Hawaii was going to get pounded by Hurricane Douglas but the weather gods were gracious and the hurricane turned at the last minute. Without taking a straight hit from the storm, Maui was still just 45-miles from the Category 1 Hurricane and Oahu was a touch closer which sent some interesting wave conditions to the Hawaiian beaches.

Growing up in Florida, looking forward to the waves from a tropical storm or hurricane was just as common as worrying about whether or not the storm would take out power for a couple of days. And when I think of Hawaii I think of the North Shore’s perfect Winter waves, not storm surges from a hurricane. So it’s interesting to see Hawaii experiencing some typical Florida Summer surfing conditions.

Pro surfer Koa Rothman hit a rocky beach break with a cliff which isn’t exactly the break most surfers would choose when searching for waves during an unpredictable storm but he’s a pro and knows what he’s doing and he predicted this was where the storm would send the best waves.

Check it out:

Koa Rothman’s actually operating one of the better YouTube channels that I’ve come across out there from a pro surfer. If you enjoyed that clip you should definitely toss him a ‘subscribe’. Here’s another recent video from Waikiki that you’ll enjoy.

I can’t believe we’re just six weeks away from Fall. Where has the year gone?