Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma Suffered A GRAPHIC Knee Injury And Legs Are NOT Supposed To Bend This Way

As they traditionally do on Super Bowl Sunday, English football giants Manchester United and Chelsea took to the pitch to square off on this morning. The game, which ended in a 1-1 draw, will unfortunately be remembered for the gruesome injury suffered by Blues defender Kurt Zouma.

Around the one hour mark, the French defender leapt to head a ball and came down very awkwardly on his right leg, which buckled under Zouma’s body weight, sending him crumpling to the grass, screaming in pain.

The following video and images of the injury are GRAPHIC…

In real-time, it’s hard to see exactly the extent of the injury, but this photo c/o a Getty Images photographer more than does it justice. Legs ARE NOT meant to bend this way…

The nature of Zouma’s terrible injury is yet to be confirmed, but given the agony he was in, it does not look good. Best wished to the Frenchman on his recovery, and here’s hoping he’s back to form for a French side that certainly needs his services come Euro 2016.

At least he was able to put some weight on it leaving Stamford Bridge post-game.

Get well soon, bro.