Kyle Kuzma Decided To Dye His Hair Blonde And Fans Absolutely Roasted Him For It

kyle kuzma blonde hair

Getty Image / John McCoy

Just like most people out there, Kyle Kuzma has decided to make a change at the start of the new year. His change is a pretty simple one, but deciding to dye your hair blonde and go full Slim Shady with it is certainly a noticeable move.

Kuzma is a pretty bold guy when it comes to fashion and has put blonde highlights in his hair in the past, but what we saw him bring to the court against the Suns was a new one. The blonde hair debuted with 19 points after going 5-for-15 from the field in Los Angeles’ 117-107 win over Phoenix on Wednesday.

I’m going to come out and say that I don’t actually hate the look. I mean there’s no way in hell I’d dye my hair jet-black or bleach blonde, but there’s definitely been worse hair in the NBA over the years, but plenty of NBA fans torched him on Twitter. One fan was even clever enough to yell ‘will the real Slim Shady please stand up’ when Kuzma went to the line.

Kuzma completely laughed it off, which was cool. The man clearly did this to grab a little bit of attention and it definitely worked on Wednesday night.


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