Kyle Kuzma Responds To Spencer Dinwiddie’s Trash Talk With Long Tangent On Twitter

Kyle Kuzma and Spencer Dinwiddie

Getty Image / Jonathan Bachman

Apparently, Kyle Kuzma and Spencer Dinwiddie have been going back and forth for awhile now.

The former teammates on the Washington Wizards clearly don’t like each other, as they’ve recently reignited their grudge.

For whatever reason, Dinwiddie keeps talking trash about the Wizards even though he hasn’t played for that team since the 2021-2022 season.

It all started back when Kyle Kuzma sent a tweet talking trash about the Dallas Mavericks, the team Spencer Dinwiddie played for at the time.

Dinwiddie didn’t take too kindly to it. He finally shared his response during a sit down interview with Michelle Beadle on Run It Back. In doing so, the Nets’ guard explains how his beef with Kuzma all began.

It was this video that sent Kyle Kuzma on a tangent. The Wizards small forward sent a series of tweets calling out Dinwiddie.

Kuzma called out Dinwiddie for pretty much everything he said.

he hit every topic of discussion that Spencer Dinwiddie mentioned in the video.

Then hit him with a diss contract diss.

Spencer Dinwiddie has yet to respond. So we’ll see if he does or not. But Kyle Kuzma clearly had the time and with the Wizards out of the playoffs, he has the whole offseason to talk trash to Dinwiddie if he wants to.

Keep an eye on these guys, as their beef is likely going to continue.