Kyler Murray’s Ex-Hairdresser Tried To Expose Him After He Asked Her To Wear Pants In His Home

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  • Kyler Murray’s former hairdresser tells the story of how she quit servicing Kyler Murray because he asked her to wear pants.
  • Confused NFL fans react to the hairdresser’s Kyler Murray story.

Kyler Murray’s former hairdresser apparently has a bone to pick with the Arizona Cardinals QB.

Apparently the hairdresser named Swanny wasn’t happy when Murray asked her to wear pants when she worked on his hair and told the story during a recent podcast appearance.

One day he calls me and he’s like Hey Swanny, when you come on Thursday, can you wear pants? I don’t want to wear pants. I want to wear what I wear why the f*** do I have to wear pants and if you can’t control your eyes that’s one thing and if your girlfriend’s insecure that’s her problem. I’m 29 years old, your 22? I’m a mom of 4, I workout everyday, I service you whenever you want…and you want me to wear pants? You could f*** off

The Internet wasn’t sure what to make of Swanny’s story.

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