Report: Kyrie Irving Never Wanted LeBron James To Return To Cleveland

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Yesterday, three veteran Cavs beat writers Dave McMenami of ESPN, Joe Vardon of, and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic released a podcast together discussing LeBron’s second stint with the Cavs.

In the podcast there’s a lengthy discussion about LeBron’s complicated relationship with Kyrie Irving. During that convo, Jason Lloyd of the Athletic talked about how Irving was never really thrilled about the idea of LeBron coming back to Cleveland.

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It has been made clear to me by multiple people that Kyrie never really wanted LeBron to come back in the first place. He didn’t think it was necessary. LeBron said something to Kyrie on the court following a game when he was with Miami something to the effect of, keep doing what you’re doing you never know I could be back here some and Kyrie went to the lockerroom and was like we don’t need that. What is that guy talking about we don’t need that guy here. So Kyrie never really LeBron here.

According to all three writers, Irving had a rocky relationship with LeBron from the start and that the two never clicked. Kyrie eventually forced his way out of Cleveland and the rest is history.

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